Fire suppression

Fire suppression with Scrub Clearing, Protective Firebreaks and Controlled Burns

Avoiding wildfires with LTC Construction through fire suppression in Northern California

Preventing flames from spreading

A year-round hazard in California, wildland fires can sweep swiftly over suburbs and towns, threatening communities and destroying properties. Despite valiant fire suppression efforts by the US Forest Service, these wildfires are becoming more severe.

 Scrub clearing

Overgrown brush – meaning shrubs, vines, saplings and weeds – is a  wildfire hazard that can quickly flare out of control, especially during hot summers and dry autumns. This means that business owners and householders in Northern California most take positive fire suppression steps to protect people and assets on their properties.

Protective firebreaks

By law, large areas must be left clear around buildings, forming natural firebreaks; when skilfully landscaped by experts like LTC Construction, they add curb appeal for visitors. However, the fastest and easiest approach to fire suppression is simply removing undergrowth and saplings. Clearing away these wildfire hazards also allows ornamental species to flourish, through less competition for water and nutrients in the soil. Thinner undergrowth also means fewer insects, rodents and other pests that thrive in neglected areas.

Controlled burns

Modern fire suppression techniques focus on fighting fire with fire in Northern California. Carefully controlled, prescribed fires burn off scrub heaps under appropriate weather conditions, helping prevent high-intensity wildland fires that threaten communities during dry seasons. With better wildlife habitat, range and watershed management, these controlled wildfire hazard burns also keep air quality at acceptable levels while avoiding the inconvenience of pre-emptive power cuts.

 Planning ahead for safety

However, brush clearing is a massive job that requires special skills, using specialized machines and protective equipment. For a personalized estimate, contact LTC Construction at (916) 246-9987, for help in planning ahead, protecting your family and community from wildfires.

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