Healthy hydroseeded lawns from LTC Construction in Northern California

Budget-friendly lawns in Northern California through hydroseeding by LTC Construction

 Thicker, lusher grass through hydroseeding

The fastest and cheapest option for greening commercial and residential landscapes, hydroseeding in Northern California is also the perfect solution for stabilizing hillsides, blanketing landfills and restoring areas devastated by wildfires.

Seamless groundcover

Creating a uniform micro-environment that is ideal for fast and healthy seed germination, grass roots form a natural mat that grows deep into the ground. Seeds are mixed into a rich mulch with tackifiers and other soil conditioners that form the hydroseeding slurry. Able to retain up to ten times its weight in water, it binds to the surface soil for long-lasting results with high plant survival rates.

Faster and cheaper

The combination of fast application, even coverage, erosion control and healthy plants easily outweighs the instant gratification offered by slower labor-intensive hand-seeding and sodding techniques that are also far more expensive. Typically, three hydroseeding workers can complete a job (within the same timeframe) that would need six people using erosion blankets or sods.

Safety first

With no toxic chemicals involved, hydroseeding in Northern California is the safest way of planting environmentally-friendly lawns that are guaranteed safe for children and pets. This technique keeps dust down, for a healthier environment, while also preventing erosion through soil losses caused by wind, sun, rain and pests.

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