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Eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping in Northern California with LTC Construction

Designing eye-catching landscapes for residential or commercial properties  involves far more than just picking showy plants for added curb appeal in Northern California. An experienced landscape contractor like LTC Construction can actually save you money through efficient resource management, with less waste. Careful planning based on experience prevents unnecessary pollution, through self-sustaining landscapes that are environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Sustainable landscaping in Northern California means blending a variety of strategies into designs for welcoming and appealing outdoor areas that are climate appropriate. The benefits include healthier soil, better water conservation, and more effective carbon sequestration, all with lower landscape maintenance costs and less organic waste. Beautiful native flowers and fruit trees offer cooling shade for homes, while also providing food for birds, bees and local wildlife.

Lower costs with less pollution

As communities in Northern California expand, they use more resources, generating more wastes, with less protective groundcover, disturbing natural processes that serve as natural deterrent for fire and flood. Traditional urban landscapes are water-intensive, usually treated with chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides that run off into nearby waterways. With more expensive monthly fees, intensive landscape maintenance  also causes invasive noise and air pollution through small machinery. In contrast, innovative landscape management practices need minimal maintenance, without depleting increasingly scarce resources, and with less waste and pollution.

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