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Putting in a pool in Northern California with LTC Construction

Investing in health and happiness with LTC Construction through a pool in Northern California

When considering a major investment like a pool in Northern California, it’s time to call in the experts. With prices ranging from a few hundred dollars for a set-and-fill above-ground poolkit to an eye-watering $100,000 for an inground concrete pool with all the trimmings, professional advice is obviously a must.

Which pool to choose?

An on-site consultation with an LTC pool expert is a smart first step. Familiar with the vast range of options available on this dynamic market,  they can walk you through inground possibilities that include basic rectangular models with a deck, vinyl liner pools, fibreglass pools and finally concrete pools, all at widely-varying prices.

Best location

Garden layout is a crucial factor for building a pool in Northern California. Clever placement can lengthen usage time by months each year, as the water in pools facing south or west will be warmer, especially with plenty of full sunlight each day.

Positioned at least fifteen feet away from property lines and structures, attractive landscaping features (like ornamental paths) add charm and privacy, avoiding deciduous trees or shrubs whose leaves can clog filters. When closer to the main house, the style of the pool in Northern California should echo the look of the adjoining home.

Talk to the experts

Having chosen the pool size and model best suited to your property layout and budget, it’s important to hire a licensed and insured contractor like LTC Construction, for headache-free professional installation. Call us now at (916) 246-9987 for an appointment with a qualified pool consultant.

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