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Local input from LTC Construction streamlines site development in Northern California

Complex paperwork

With a tangled planning and development process at every tier of government, site development in Northern California can be a daunting task. Effectively implementing large-scale projects at the lowest possible costs with top quality requires familiarity with judicial, legislative and regulatory aspects, as well as cutting-edge issues that involve public agencies, property owners and land developers.

This is when experienced technical consultants are needed, like the site development experts at LTC Construction.

Local knowledge is vital

Knowing what kind of site development plans are likely to be approved for specific areas is crucial, underpinned by familiarity with subdivision maps, zoning requirements and usage permits. Securing vested rights, exploring development impacts and ensuring compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act all need expert input. On the private side, development, reimbursement and subdivision improvement agreements valid for Northern California must all be skilfully crafted, checked and approved.

An expert consultant like LTC Construction provides insights into real estate dynamics, assessing whether a specific site is a good development opportunity. Due diligence is also required, checking local demographics, county and school boundaries, property debt, aggregate parcel size and legal title to land available for site development in Northern California.

Expert support

 With all this information to hand, property developers can outline their projects, with professional site engineering services provided by LTC Construction, including design, planning and construction. Contact us today at (916) 246-9987 for an appointment with a qualified site development consultant.

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