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Innovative site remediation in Northern California with LTC Construction

State-of-the-art technology from LTC Construction for site remediation in Northern California

Site Remediation Industry leader

Always on the cutting edge of modern technology, LTC Construction is one of the first firms in its field to think outside the box, in terms of site remediation solutions.

Pioneering SOP

Keenly aware of the importance of hazardous waste removal and site remediation in Northern California, we are firmly committed to turning degraded areas back into thriving ecosystems . Based on pioneering research, standard operating procedures  at LTC Construction are innovative, underpinned by  environmental decontamination equipment specially designed to remove, transport and dispose of hazardous wastes safely, at no risk to human or animal health.  

Rapid progress

Compliant with local, federal and international laws and regulations on safety, quality, pollution and mitigation, LTC Construction is a preferred vendor accredited by many well-respected organizations. Regardless of the size of your environmental debt and the accumulated impacts of resource depletion, site contamination, and waste disposal, LTC can design a fast-track site remediation and mitigation strategy that kickstarts your development project.

Focused on halting and reversing environmental damage at contaminated locations (such as gas stations and tanker farms, chemical and industrial plants), site remediation in Northern California includes removing soil and water pollutants, followed by approved treatment and disposal techniques. These may include hot oil or steam, pumping out poisons from aquifers, oxidizing harmful wastes,  soil vapor extraction, air sparging and nano-remediation.

Local leader

For help in drawing up a cost-effective approach to site remediation in Northern California, contact the frontrunner in environmental decontamination at (916) 246-9987. The LTC Construction team will do all the heavy lifting, guiding you through every step in this complex process.

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