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Superfund site cleanup company, LTC Construction works with superfund site cleanups in Northern California

Specialized equipment and expertise for Superfund site cleanups in Northern California  by LTC Construction

Environmental remediation

With 97 sites listed for Superfund cleanups, California ranks second only to New Jersey for contaminated areas. Administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the federal Superfund Site Cleanup program investigates and decontaminates areas tainted by  hazardous substances. The time frames for these remedial cleanup initiatives are around eight years after their inclusion on the National Priorities List. This Fund also handles short-term cleanups through removal actions, and responds to chemical and oil spill emergencies.

Community benefits

Offering massive advantages to communities by clearing up the worst hazardous waste sites in the USA, Superfund cleanups in Northern California eliminate threats to public health and the environment. Through preventing future releases of hazardous substances at locations, they enhance the quality of life for local residents, while buttressing local economies.


When undertaken by experts familiar with the latest techniques and using the right equipment, effective soil remediation programs in Northern California may last many months, depending on contamination type and Superfund site size. Initially, a week or two is needed for thorough soil testing, from taking samples through to analyzing results. Then a report is prepared, outlining an action plan for protecting human and animal health, listing the best practices for bringing the site back into ecological balance. Excavation and proper disposal in managed landfills is a relatively fast and simple solution, while other techniques – such as aquifer remediation and thermal desorption – require more time, with highly skilled operators and special equipment.

Cleanup consultation

All this experience with hazardous Superfund site cleanups in Northern California makes LTC Construction a natural choice for dealing with polluted soils and contaminated groundwater. For a free consultation with the site cleanup experts, call us now at (916) 246-9987.

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