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 Out of sight …

Although carefully concealed from the public eye, wet and dry utilities are among the most crucial aspects of any commercial or residential project. Directly affecting human and animal health, utilities installation in Northern California is a job for qualified professionals, ensuring that these potential hazards comply with all federal, state and local safety regulations.

… But not out of mind

When skilfully planned and properly laid, underground piping networks operate smoothly for years, with lower maintenance and repair costs. Wet utilities – like water supplies, sewers and septic tanks – need careful planning, keeping them well away from storm drains and rainfall run-off channels.

Wet and dry utilities utilities installation in Northern California by LTC Construction

Nowadays, most dry utilities in Northern California – electrical, telephone and television cabling – are also underground, running between privately-owned buildings and public streets.

Inspections and approvals

Having defined the best utility installation routes for each lot, with special attention to local terrain, vaults and trenches are dug with site-sized equipment. Once all the pipes are laid and checked, backfilling brings the ground surface back to level, leaving each utility installation in Northern California ready for inspection and approval, from each point of connection to all points of use.

Paving the way

Dealing with giant public utility companies can be frustrating and confusing. This is where the experience of LTC Construction smoothes the path for homeowners and site developers through coordinating every step in these complex construction planning and approval sequences.

Experts in safety

Focused on eliminating every possible risk, LTC Construction uses cutting edge technology to deliver projects on schedule and on budget. For advice on safe and efficient utilities installation in Northern California, call the experts at LTC Construction: (916) 246-9987

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